Friday, September 24, 2010

beisbol, she's been berry good to me....

if you're a baseball fan, it's a great time to be alive right now. as the season winds down, for the first time in a few years there are actually some new teams in the mix, and some pennant races that are going to come down to the wire. as a cleveland indians fan, my season has been in the dumper since mid-may, so I've had to subsist on the other interesting stories that make the game so great. so while my team will once again not be playing post-season ball, my love of the grand ol' game will keep me watching well into november.

once again Craig Finn, twin's super fan and lead singer for one of the best bands on earth, the mighty hold steady, has killed it with his latest ode to baseball, a great new song called don't call them twinkies. take a quick listen and cheer for the twins as the prepare for the postseason, because it sure beats cheering for the big money phillies or the evil dynasty in new york.

also returning this weekend on sunday night to those of you who have hbo is one of the funniest shows you'll ever see, eastbound & down. when we last saw our favorite washed out fireballer, kenny powers he was on the run for mexico, leaving the lovely april holding the bag a roadside gas station.

and finally, the show I'm probably most excited about is the premiere of ken burns "tenth inning", which picks up where his fantastic baseball documentary left off in 1994. from what i've seen, this next chapter in Burn's epic saga looks fantastic, focusing on the steroid era and ultimate baseball villian barry bonds as well as the end of the long suffering futility for the boston red sox. the show airs on tuesday sept. 28th and wednesday sept. 29th and should be considered essential viewing for any baseball fan!

have a great weekend...

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