Friday, September 24, 2010

first show back - september 15th, 2010

like I said, getting this blog up and running has been a bit of a process, so I have been playing catchup.  initially the whole idea behind this was to put something together to document the new radio show.  well since I was unable to do a show yesterday, here's the playlist from week one.

set one
the bad plus - "the radio tower has a beating heart" from never stop            
the fall - "u.s. 80's-90's"  from bend sinister         
women - "narrow with the hall" from public strain         
abe vigoda - "pure violence" from crush                 
cannon bros. - "out of here" from ep                    
the black angels - "true believers" from phosphene dream       
wire - "mannequin" from pink flag             

set two
grinderman - "evil" from grinderman2           
black mountain - "let spirits ride" from wilderness heart      
under pressure - "living on a dare" from still no future       
surf city - "see how the sun sets" from kudos                 
scientists - "when fate deals it's mortal blow" from blood red river       
jay reatard - "pull down the shades"  from stroke: songs for chris knox
young rival - "shirt and shorts" from young rival           

set three
poirier - "get crazy" from  soca sound system     
skream - "pass the red stripe" from soul jazz singles 2006-2007     
oriol - "night and day" from night and day         
cyclist - "pocket money" from double dip ep         
altar eagle  - "you lost your neon haze" from mechanical gardens    
hundred in the hands - "killing it" from hundred in the hands  

set four
no age  - "common heat" from everything in between 
rah rah - "fuck nafta" from going steady          
the best coast - "our deal" from crazy for you         
jaill - "thank us later" from that's how we burn    
the tallest man on earth - "the lion's heart" from the wild hunt         
the provincial archive - "you roll like raindrops" from maybe we could be holy
dent may - "girls on the square" from the good feeling music of dent may...
the atons - "yellow ribbon" from home schooled: the abc's of kid soul

I'll leave you with our ol' pal mark e. smith filling you in on the latest footy results.  thanks to jeff for pointing this amazing video!

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