Tuesday, October 12, 2010

banksy strikes again!

hope all you folks had a great turkey day, spent some time with family and friends and managed to eat yourself silly. over the weekend those in the know whipped the interweb into a frenzy posting the intro from this weekend's episode of the Simpson's. while i haven't watched the show on the regular for 4 or 5 years now, no one will ever debate the merits of the shows first 10 or 11 seasons, which are pretty much untouchable. back then no one was safe from the crack team of writers who took satire and social commentary to a whole new level. so when I heard that banksy, the acclaimed UK activist/ graf artist, was on tap for putting together one of the intro's for the show this year i kinda perked up a bit. since seeing his debut feature film "exit through the gift shop" over the summer, i've been pretty consumed by the sort of art that this guy is producing on a near consistent basis. anyways, sufficed to say, his intro for the show this weekend certainly didn't disappoint. do yourself a favor and seek out his movie after you dig on this...

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