Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sounds of science - 10/13/2010

back after a week's hiatus due to UMFM's seemingly never ending renovation project, here's a rundown on the goods i played this week!  if you missed it, you can grab it over here.

set one
richard hawley - "tonight the streets are ours" from  lady's bridge          
the monochrome set - "it's more than just love" from  early recordings:1975-1977
pinback - "crutch" from this is not a pinback lp
ted leo & the rX - "the ballad of the sin eater" from hearts of oak          
diamond rings - "you oughta know" from special affections
the clean - "odditty" from anthology      
library voices - "write me a myth" from denim on denim 
paper lions - "hands" from trophies       
rah rah - "what about love" from breaking hearts        

set two
salem - "king night" from king night     
borgore - "afro blue" from borgore ruined dubstep
soil & pimp sessions - "avalanche" from pimp master    
belleruche - "cat in a dog suit" from 270 stories    
birdapres - "do that dance (shake & go at it)" from get it done    
mf doom - "lightworks" from born like this 
raymond scott - "lightworks" from manhatten research inc.              

set three
willie williams - "armagideon time" from armagideon time
pax nicholas & the nettey family - "you" from na teef know de road of teef
jacky chalard - "super man, super cool" from je suis vivant, mais j'ai peur de gilbert deflez
grand theft canoe - "dreary days yet again" from bolivia + argentina = paraguay       
field assembly - "alkali" from broadsides & ephemera  
the moondoggies - "empress of the north" from tidelands              

set four
deer tick - "art isn't real (city of sin)" from war elephant   
old reliable - "tight knit seams" from pulse of light/dark landscape
hauschka - "union square" from foreign landscapes
little girls - "salt swimmers" from concepts       
wooden sky - "oslo" from if i don't come home you'll know i'm gone.
consumer goods - "and the final word is yours, sam katz" from happy bidet


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